A Trip Across the Pond: Study Abroad Plan Update


I just wanted to take a minute to give an international travel update: I’m going to the UK! I’ve been accepted by the University of Hertfordshire to spend the next semester taking some classes there in the spring. I’m both nervous and excited, as I’ve never been away from home for that long, especially in a different time zone, but it will also be an opportunity for new experiences, new sights, and potential new friendships! Knowing that my sister survived her experience there last spring also makes me feel better about going, and I’m eagerly awaiting whatever this experience has in store for me. I am definitely looking forward to exploring London and the surrounding areas, especially in February when I venture into the big city to see Palaye Royale on their UK headlining run. I’ve seen them before here, but it was in a support slot rather than a headliner, so I know it will be an entirely different experience. I also hope to be able to do some travelling to other areas of Europe during breaks; I definitely want to see parts of France and Germany if I’m able, and I wouldn’t mind visiting Italy again. I am a little anxious, and that will probably get worse as my departure approaches, but I’m trying to remain optimistic that this experience will help me become a stronger person.

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