My Experience at OU’s annual Day of the Dead Festival

Last Sunday, October 29th, the University of Oklahoma hosted its annual Day of the Dead street festival at the Lloyd Noble Center. Normally, I would not attend any type of fair because I’m just not the type of person who enjoys being outdoors for extended periods of time. However, I didn’t have any evening plans, and a friend invited me to go over with them, so I decided to go ahead.

In many aspects, it was like a typical street fair: there were rides, food vendors, face painters, and other local vendors selling merchandise. There was also a stage set up for dancers and other musical performers. What set this fair apart from others I have been to, however, was the feeling of community amongst festival attendees. While walking around, everyone seemed friendly, and the environment was overall very pleasant.

I think the only thing that could have made my experience better would have been the ability to purchase food and merchandise. Since I attended somewhat on a whim, I did not come prepared with enough money and thus did not buy any food or other things. Despite this, though, I still enjoyed the dance performances, and the overall experience of walking around the lot with my friends, surrounded by other members of the Norman community.


My Career Aspirations-and Why I Want to Study Abroad (About Me)

Hello, all!

My name is Allyssa, I am a freshman journalism major at the University of Oklahoma, and I love music. More specifically, I love rock and alternative music. My favorite bands are Halestorm, Black Veil Brides, Nothing More, Stitched Up Heart and Palaye Royale. Whenever my class schedule allows, I love going to concerts. Unfortunately, college has made this more difficult to do; my senior year of high school I went to three concerts, whereas this year I’ve only been to one, with another possible over Spring Break, and a third set for May. I also love to watch TV, with some of my favorite shows being Rick and Morty, The Flash, iZombie and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

As a music lover, my dream job is to work as a live music photographer, or to work for a music publication such as Alternative Press or Kerrang. While in college, I am planning to study abroad in the United Kingdom. By going over there, I hope to not only see and photograph some of their beautiful historical landmarks, but I would also love to be able to intern for Kerrang or a similar publication while there. I know it will not be an easy profession, but hopefully by building connections and putting myself into the job market, and opening myself up to international opportunities, I can eventually make a name for myself in the world of music journalism and photography. (Edit 2/18/18: I am now also a photographer for The OU Daily on campus, and I am enjoying it so far. The Daily is a great place to get real-world journalism experience while still in college.)

This blog will be a place to chronicle my thoughts about pop culture, as well as global issues. Stay tuned.

(note: The original post was just the middle paragraph, everything else was added Feb. 18, 2018, in case anyone wonders why I refer to a concert in the past tense that, as of original posting, hadn’t happened yet.)